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July 5th, 2014
The Lucerne Inn

Our Story


June 22...The night before my parents flew back from America, Jake attempted to have the talk with my dad, which turned into a 2-hour life talk. I had no idea because I thought he just wanted to let my parents know how he felt about me. Dad, of course, was clueless because it’s not quite the Chinese culture. 

A couple of weeks before my birthday (July 11), Jake started acting all secretive. All I knew was that he had asked some of my good friends to send him something and that he had planned a road trip. I kept thinking why is my 22nd birthday so special??

I would be lying if I wasn’t suspicious of a proposal at all, but Jake masked every single suspicion with different gifts. Early in the morning, Jake showed me the video he had put together of my close friends wishing me a happy birthday. Then right before we left for the road trip, he surprised me with a Canon DSLR camera. With a nice camera in hand, I definitely wasn’t expecting a diamond ring to go on my finger that day.

Go ahead and read Jake's story for his account of the day and come back for my reaction to the proposal...

I almost dropped my camera when I, through the little viewfinder, saw Jake pulling out the ring. Thank goodness I had the camera around my neck. At that moment, I was speechless and didn't know what to do. It all felt like a dream but I knew I had to say something. I put the camera down, looked at Jake, and said, "I'm going to take your picture anyway!"

We can’t wait to celebrate with you all in July!

~ Helen

Goombay's, a Lighthouse & Surprising Tides

Helen said that she had never seen a lighthouse so I thought that would be the perfect opportunity to propose. I planned a birthday trip to the Outer Banks and gave her a brand new camera to keep her distracted from my nervousness the entire day.

The first stop on the trip was the Wright Brothers monument near the sand dunes. It was a good opportunity for Helen to test out the camera and get used to it. Of course, things never really go as planned, and the weather was not cooperating. There was a storm coming in so I had to push up the trip to the light house. We stopped to grab lunch, at Goombay's, where we enjoyed some gator and a Goombay Splash. We make it to the lighthouse right as it started to rain and apparently it was not the right kind of light house. It was near the ocean, in a wooded area, and... it was brown. Helen was not impressed but it did not stop her from taking pictures while I was trying to rush to the lighthouse before it closed due to weather. Of course when we finally got to the entrance, they were blocking off the entrance. Helen did not know why I was so upset that it was closed... it was a brown lighthouse. We walked around the area and looked at the gift shop and museum by the water. I noticed a boardwalk though the foliage down to the water. By this time, I was very eager to propose so we made our way down the path. On the way we stopped to take pictures of the deer and then the little bunny next to the trail. Needing her attention for the big moment, I told her to take my picture at the end of the pier, not the bunny's. She agreed and took my picture while I stood there frozen with big nervous smile. I almost blew my chance, so I had to ask her to take my picture again. As she put the camera up to her face, I got down on one knee, pulled out the ring, and asked the question. She said YES! and after 10 minutes of tears and hugs in the drizzling rain, we looked out at the beautiful scenery of the Atlantic. We walked to the end of the pier, only to find out that it was called Surprising Tides.

~ Jake (sorry for the book)

The wedding will be held at

The Lucerne Inn

2517 Main Rd Dedham, ME

on July 5th 2014

4:30 PM

Wedding Party

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    Rachel Metcalf & Wiley McVety
    Matron of Honor | Best Man

    Rachel and Helen met at Encounter (International Bible study). Rachel became one of Helen's best friends because of their common interest in the Korean language. Rachel was very nice to invite Helen home for all the major American holidays. She recently had a precious baby girl, Maggie.

    Wiley and Jake share a special bond as brothers. Having almost zero common interests and almost completely opposite personalities, it took a very long time for them to learn to get along. Jake is very proud of everything his brother has accomplished and they both share a great mutual respect for each other.

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    Zoe van Opstal & Paul Allen
    Bridesmaid | Groomsman

    Zoe and Helen have been best friends for over 10 years now. Helen is so thrilled that Zoe will be traveling all the way from Holland to be at her wedding.

    Jake and Paul met freshman year of college. Since Jake is so far from home, Paul always welcomed Jake to join his family for holidays. During their 4 years at Campbell, they lived together, golfed together, and shared many great times.

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    Deka Nine & Ben Polland
    Bridesmaid | Groomsman

    Deka is Helen and Zoe's other best friend. The girls have shared a lot of laughter, tears, and ups and downs. Although they have been apart for over 4 years, their friendship has continued to grow.

    Ben and Jake became good friends later on in college. Being in the PGAGM program, Ben has always been a role model for Jake. He not only got Jake his best internship but also helped him go through the MBA program. Jake and Helen spent many nights at Ben's house relaxing, talking, and watching movies (and Sherlock).

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    Christina Chang & Brad Sawyer
    Bridesmaid | Groomsman

    Christina and Helen met before college officially started and became good friends. After illegally rooming together in their freshman year, the girls decided to become official roommates.

    Brad and Jake have been good friends since high school. They both decided to leave Maine for college, Brad went to Oregon. However, they have kept in touch and always made sure to meet up over breaks.

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    Melanie Renell & Eric Shaver
    Bridesmaid | Groomsman

    Melanie is Helen's soon-to-be sister-in-law. They have become good friends over the past couple of years and Helen can't wait to be a part of Mel's big day.

    Eric and Jake met Freshman year at Campbell and were suitemates the next year. During the past year, Jake and Eric spent a lot of quality time together. Jake and Helen also had fun going on double dates with Eric and his girlfriend, Crystal, at Yamatos and other fun adventures.


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    The Lucerne Inn
    2517 Main Road Dedham, ME 04429

    This is where the wedding ceremony and reception will take place. Rooms range between $119 and $219. Your stay includes a complimentary, deluxe continental breakfast. There will be a room block, please ask for rooms for the McVety/Xia wedding.

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    Bangor International Airport
    287 Godfrey Blvd, Bangor, ME 04401

    For those that are flying in, Bangor International Airport would be the best option. It is about 25 minutes away from the Lucerne Inn with plenty to do and places to stay. Click here for a list of attractions in the area.

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    Ellsworth & Downeast Maine
    Check out the Chamber of Commerce for more info

    Ellsworth offers the convenience of small-city life with all of the qualities of Maine’s spectacular coastal amenities including hiking and boating. As the county seat for Hancock County, historic downtown Ellsworth hosts government offices and a thriving Main Street of restaurants, shops, an art-deco theatre, professional offices, galleries, a museum, coffee houses, pubs and historic buildings.




Instead of having a wedding registry, we are going to follow the Chinese tradition of gifting money in a red envelope, which you will find in your invitation. We will be using your gifts towards Helen's greencard application as well as our trip to China. More information on red envelopes can be found here. Thank you very much!


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